The Advantages of Shredding

Have you ever wondered what could happen if your company's confidential paper waste got into the wrong hands?


Consider the financial risk of the loss of your vital assets; your clients, your reputation, your brand trust. With a data breach it becomes a costly operation with the fines that could be imposed and down-time involved in sorting it out.



Have you ever really thought about how much valuable time is lost shredding data using an office shredder?  A recent R&D study showed us that up to 80% efficiency savings can be made using a system such as the Securall System.



Posing an everyday risk in the office, staff are expected to ‘do the right thing’ and destroy confidential waste when no longer required.  Do they actually know what is confidential and what is not?  As an added security measure the Total-Shred policy is the absolute answer to this risk management.



How convenient is it for them to "do the right thing" or is the chances of a short-cut route likely to be taken as a result of the sheer inconvenience of standing by a shredder? The Avena Securall System reduces this risk, by providing staff with a convenient way to dispose of sensitive data.



Control of systems and procedures can be very simple - with the right procedures and tools to enable staff to carry out what is to be expected of them. The Securall System provides the answer to controlling processes relating to the secure disposal of documentation.



Do you have documented evidence to actually prove the process of destruction? A key advantage of using the Securall System is that for every destruction you receive a documented audit trail to evidence the process.