Simon Farquhar & Associates Ltd


Simon Farquhar - Case Study


On the 5th September 2017 Simon Farquhar & Associates Ltd enquired about the service that Avena offers. After speaking with a representative on the phone a meeting was arranged so that we could discuss their needs and provide them with an accurate quotation and service proposal. During the meeting we brought to attention areas where we could help them improve and also areas where we could build on what they already had in place. Following the meeting Simon Farquhar decided to go ahead with the Avena service. The secure console was delivered and the service schedule started on the 20th September. This meant that the whole turnaround period lasted only 15 days.


This is just one example where Avena helped an organisation increase the security and compliance of their confidential waste systems within a very short period of time.


Simon Farquhar & Associates Ltd stated the following:


"From the outset, Avena have been professional, friendly and efficient. Their turnaround from our initial enquiry to having our console delivered was impressive. Avena have delivered everything they promised, we would highly recommend their confidential waste disposal service."


For more information on the Avena service or the confidential information destruction audit contact us today via our contact us page or give us call on 0845 521 9892.