QMS International


QMS International - Case Study

We recently had the opportunity to introduce our Securall System for waste paper recycling and confidential destruction to an international ISO registering firm. Their main office whis is based in Norwich, Norfolk, expressed keen interest in the total paper recycling and security guaranteed with our systems. QMS decided to implement this system throughout their offices, improving the security of all their clients and replacing the large in-house office shredders with the professional, secure office consoles. With the complete audit trail certification that we provide, this gives full assurance to all QMS clients.  Any company details handled by QMS are dealt with in a highly efficient and responsible way, with certified proof of destruction and certifiable evidence that all paper waste was environmentally recycled back into usable paper products - ideal for ISO 14001!

"We are delighted with the service by Avena and have every confidence that our secure waste is disposed of correctly. We would recommend their services without hesitation"

Managing Director, QMS International plc

With the ever increasing improvement needed, and with the additional emphasis on ISO registration, the Securall System provides a unique solution to the managements systems for ISO 14001 and 9001. With the full audit-trail certification quantifying the amount of waste that the company has produced, the exact time and date it was securely destroyed and certifying that all waste has been environmentally recycled in an environmentally approved manner, this was an excellent system to introduce to the management systems where needed for both existing and potential QMS clients also. As QMS are a registering body that are continually improving their clients businesses through the ISO, process this was an ideal opportunity to provide a system that could both improve the company's waste management systems. We are now working with QMS to improve and develop businesses and save the environment through the ISO process.