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Life Fitness - Case Study

Avena had the opportunity to introduce their Securall System for waste paper recycling and confidential destruction to a national company in based in Ely, Cambridgeshire. The current method in use was a standard ‘sack collection service' for the confidential office waste so this appeared to be opportunity to upgrade the whole system by providing secure, lockable office consoles in areas around the office and introducing a regular ‘scheduled service system'. The whole system was introduced on a trial basis for all office waste paper to see whether this would be a better system to replace what was currently implemented. Staff were keen to use the easy assessable waste stations positioned throughout the office and the recommendations proved to be a huge success eliminating the need to call for collections and providing a much more tidy and professional approach to the whole office paper waste management system.

'Life Fitness have now used the Avena waste paper consoles for four months and in that time we have noticed a vast difference in office tidyness and safety, due to the waste being contained in enclosed consoles and not littering various parts of the office. In short, i would recommend the Avena systems for both confidential and non-confidential waste.'

Health & Safety Officer - Life Fitness UK

By providing secure lockable waste stations thought-out the office areas (typically this could be consoles, or a range of different sized bins) you can be assured that no-one can easily access your waste at anytime whilst waiting to be shredded. The scheduled collection system can work to suit the customer's needs and this can be offered for example on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

With the ‘Fixed Price Per Service' option, our systems provide the ideal opportunity to treat all your office waste as confidential and have it confidentially destroyed with certification provided at no extra cost - we will design a specification to suit your budget and your requirements. An ever increasing concern in most companies is how much waste should be deemed confidential? Let us introduce you to a total office waste management system.