E-On Energy


E-On Energy - Case Study

E-On Energy were looking for a secure shredding service for all their worn uniforms which still had the E-On identification brand on them and Increasingly, branded uniform and clothing shredding procedures are being put in place by businesses and organisations to ensure brand protection and security of the workplace.

Branded clothing can be of very high value to others. These can be misused for the purposes of fraud and corporate uniform could enable someone to walk unchallenged into a private offices or area under the assumption they were working for that company.

E-On were keen to implement the secure shredding of their used garments so they inquired regarding the Avena services for this area of secure confidential destruction. With a UK-wide transport network, Avena could collect the branded uniform in any quantity for the secure disposal by shredding so they agreed to go ahead and having received very positive feedback from the company we are keen to continue our working relationship with the large energy supplier.

"I would highly recommend Avena for their services, we used the work wear shredding service & was pleased with their services, we will need to search no more for a reasonably priced service for all our future collections."

E-ON Energy - UK

With uniform destruction becoming an increasingly essential service required for any company who needs to protect their own brand or organizations who need to protect their identity Avena can offer the total collection and destruction system for the complete ease of mind.

Uniforms are completely destroyed to thin cross-cut shreds making it impossible for any individual to ever use the brand identity or clothing again.