Broke Hall CP School


Broke Hall CP School - Case Study 


Broke Hall School had always used a bag system for the destruction of their confidential information, however, when Avena introduced the Securall System they saw definite benefit. Not only was the bag system inconvenient but it was also not secure. By implementing the Securall System Broke Hall School saw a significant increase in security and convenience. The locked Securall unit meant they could have peace-of-mind knowing the information was secure at all times and the convenience meant they didn't have to store the sacks or lift them around the school. The increased frequency in collection meant the confidential information wasn't building up and ensured that Broke Hall School was receiving a regular audit trail.


Having the new system in place meant that training staff on the confidential destruction policy was a lot easier and quicker. This in turn will be used to demonstrate a greater level of process improvement in line with GDPR.


Broke Hall CP School stated the following:


"In a large primary school, life never stands still. Keeping up to date with all the various activities and ensuring safeguarding protocols remain can be difficult. The confidential waste bins provided by Avena are large, secure and accessible. Our teachers know they can dispose of waste quickly and easily and we, as a school, can be sure that it will remain secure until it is destroyed".


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