IT & Media Destruction

Avena provide a fully audited IT & media destruction service & work to the strict regulations set by WEEE 2013.

Protect your business with the definitive media destruction service UK provider. Avena maintains strict adherence to regulations of The Waste, Electrical & Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE 2013), in addition to providing complete audit trails & environmentally processes.

It is now a requirement by law that any business or organisation that uses or produces electrical and electronic equipment should take responsibility for the disposal and recycling of their equipment.
With our secure, confidential disposal and recycling services we can make it easy for you to comply with legislation. The items we collect include:

  • PCs and laptops
  • Base units, desktops and towers
  • TFT/CRT monitors
  • UPS
  • Laser & inkjet printers
  • Servers
  • Network switches & hubs
  • Network routers & firewalls
  • Other miscellaneous IT equipment

Under the Data Protection Act 1988, it is also a legal requirement for any stored data on hard disks, DVDs and CDs to be securely destroyed.

With our data destruction services providing you a complete audit trail you can be assured that your waste is being environmentally taken care of, without compromising your organisation's security.

Ensure compliance with data protection law with Avena - Document Destruction Service UK.