Clothing Destruction

Avena specialise in secure clothing & uniform disposal, providing a fully tailored collection & destruction service throughout the UK.


In recent years branded clothing and uniform destruction services have been put in place by businesses and organisations worldwide to uphold brand protection and security of the workplace.

Staff uniform, ID badges and branded clothing can be of high value to others. No longer are paper and electronic media seen as the only source of confidential or valuable information. Failure to destroy out of date branded clothing or uniforms may result in unauthorised access or entry to sensitive information or restricted areas contributing to a breach of the Data Protection Act.

Avena's confidential and secure uniform shredding and destruction solution is one way you can be sure that you have taken necessary steps to ensure that identity theft does not happen to your organisation. We offer this service to organisations and businesses throughout the UK and offer a one-off or regular collection service to suit your specific needs. Carelessness in the final disposal of your organisation's uniform could be very costly.

With our commitment to environmental sustainability, we have also spent much time and effort on research into the most efficient and innovative recycling procedure for the reuse of this textile waste once shredded. By partnering with specialist textile manufacturing and recycling organisations we are now able to offer a unique solution for the secure destruction and recycling of any old or unwanted garments. Here at Avena, we have launched the most innovative secure recycling technique this industry has yet seen.

Ensure on-going security and the protection of the corporate brand with Avena - Clothing Destruction Service UK. Our safe and secure uniform destruction services will offer you a full audit trail and complete peace of mind.