The Avena Securall System™ for confidential waste destruction & document shredding ensures London based businesses correctly manage sensitive data on-site. In addition to enhanced security and protection for confidential information in the office environment, the Avena Securall System is now becoming recognised as a superior document destruction service for the management of confidential paper waste. Our Securall consoles are designed to blend in with your office surroundings and become part of the office design so that you no longer have to use the insecure office shredder, wheelie bins or have open sacks around the office.


With the Securall System we have worked to design a system to keep your documents safe whilst waiting to be shredded. However it maintains a professional and stylish approach to the office interior. Now with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect in May 2018, data protection and the security of confidential information in the office environment is becoming an increasing concern for many data controllers. Ensure compliance with data protection law with Avena - Document Destruction Service UK.


"We offer a system which is a cut above the rest, affordable and effective. We now have the ultimate package which takes precedence in the marketplace as the knowledge and implementation of our Securall System increases by the day. Furthermore, the unique Securall brand is only recognised with Avena."

Managing Director - Avena Environmental Ltd