Keep all your confidential waste controlled with the Avena Securall system.

Document Shredding London - Maintain Control With Avena Confidential Securall SystemsBin diving, rummaging through waste to harvest personal or financial information, is used by fraudsters and identity thieves to steal identity which ultimately costs you money. 

Of course, we all know not to put bank statements, credit card slips and such like into the waste without shredding them. What about when it comes to general paper recycling? It is worth taking a minute or two to check just what your recycling bin could be saying about you and your business - you may be surprised.

The rise of personalised junk mail that pours unbidden through your letterbox is a prime example. They may be innocent enough in themselves, but if they have been generated by a company in respect of something you have purchased, do you want the world to know? Do they carry an account number, name and address, or any other personal information about you? There are many examples so much a feature of modern life that we hardly give them a second glance. Before you just add papers that have personal details on them to the recycling pile ask yourself: could they be useful in the hands of a resourceful villain?

The Securall System, for comprehensive document shredding in Norfolk and surrounding counties, is your answer to complete data security. Implement Securall and our Total-Shred policy throughout the office and you can have the full assurance that confidential waste will not slip into the general recycling stream by accident.