The Avena Securall system is compliant with the guidelines set by the FSA, the ICO and the CQC.

Secure Document Destruction Service UK - Avena Confidential Ltd ~ Securall logoThe Securall System™, from Avena Confidential - Document Destruction Service UK, is designed to assist in compliance with the Data Protection Act and many compliance bodies such as the FSA (Financial Services Authority) and CQC (Care Quality Commission) and ISO (International Standards Organisation). Not only are there issues around the security of confidential information once recognised as waste, but there is also the need of auditability throughout the process.

Much of the industry has been built around the concept of the use of shredding bags. This is a cause of great concern which is becoming an issue for many organisations. Confidential information must not be left unsecured and easily accessible by other individuals. So why is confidential paper waste left in unsecured bags in the corner of the office? The Securall System which is offered exclusively by Avena offers the ultimate security for any confidential document waste.


The Avena Securall System also provides your organisation with a completely sound audit trail. This is given by prompt and regular destruction certification which acts as formal evidence of a system which encourages efficient and responsible disposal of confidential waste. With the GDPR soon to be implemented, having the full audit trail to demonstrate compliance will be essential.


The 5th Principle of the Data Protection Act states that ‘Personal data shall not be kept for longer than is necessary’. Regular collections are scheduled to service the Securall system so that such data is not kept undestroyed for long periods of time. This ensures that you are as compliant with the Data Protection Act as possible.