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Using Traditional Office Shredders ‘Just Tells People What To Steal’

No one wants to think that their business could suffer a data breach and certainly, no one wants to think that if such a breach does occur that it’s down to human error or poor equipment – both of which are entirely preventable scenarios.

Bob Johnson, chief executive of the National Association for Information Destruction, has issued a warning to people concerned with privacy and compliance with regulations, saying that using a traditional office shredder and then just putting the shredded documents in the bin is just “telling the bad guys what to take”.

Speaking to the Guardian, the industry expert explained that the most well-known kind of shredder which creates long strips of paper has now been relegated to the history books but even the most modern shredder machine doesn’t render it impossible to stick documents back together.

He made these comments after it emerged that White House staff are having to piece bits of ripped up paper back together that Donald Trump has destroyed – because the Presidential Records Act decrees that nearly any document touched by the president has to be preserved in the national archives.

These days, confidential destruction takes place away from the office, carried out by third-party professional information disposal services – just like us here at Avena Confidential.

But how exactly does it work? We’ll come out to your site to introduce you to our Securall system and so we can evaluate the specific needs of your company. We’ll then agree on a convenient installation date for the Securall units, which are used by your staff members who just put whatever documents require disposing of in the unit for us to collect at a later date.

For collection, one of our security-vetted service operatives will arrive to collect the documents from the sealed Securall unit, ready to be transported to the depot so we can begin the destruction process. All our vehicles come with real-time tracking systems so we always know where they are at any time… so you know that your documents are safe and can’t be accessed by any nefarious person.

It’s not just paperwork that we can dispose of, however. We also specialise in secure clothing and uniform disposal, which you may find you have need of if you have to destroy staff uniforms, branded clothing or ID badges. These can be of high value to fraudsters so do bear this in mind when you have staff members quitting your place of business.

We’re also able to destroy electrical and electronic equipment, such as PCs and laptops, towers, desktops and base units, laser and inkjet printers, servers, network switches and hubs, and other miscellaneous IT equipment.

If you’d like to find out more about what we can do for you and your company, get in touch with the friendly and experienced team here at Avena today.

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