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Shredding Northampton

As a business, it’s vital that you do keep any and all confidential information and documents out of the hands of nefarious individuals – and to that end, it’s important that you also know just what kind of information they’re after and how you can protect it throughout its lifespan, from creation to disposal.

For your Northampton company, shredding is an essential business practice that you should prioritise across the board. Devise a solid document management process so you know what confidential information you have and so you know how to protect it. This should include limiting access to information – remember that you are legally obliged to protect the privacy of your employees, customers and clients.

To do this, make sure all confidential information is securely destroyed once it is no longer necessary. It would perhaps be wise to enlist the services of a trustworthy and reliably document destruction company so you can avoid data breaches – and possible penalties as a result.

What you certainly should not do is simply throw this confidential data into the bin and forget about it. Your waste paper basket is one of the places where paper documents are actually most at risk so do bear this in mind.

For corporations, make sure that you protect and destroy supplier and customer information, anything to do with sales and marketing, executive data, anything relating to research and development, accounting and IT, and HR documents.

Any financial documents should also be destroyed properly, while employment information is also something you need to ensure is disposed of in the proper way. When you have a member of staff leaving the company, also make sure that application forms, ID badges and any records relating to them are also destroyed.

But don’t forget that a lot of best practice comes down to training and you need to make sure that your members of staff know what they’re doing when it comes to document destruction. Ensuring that shredding policies are a key part of your new-hire training processes is certainly wise – and do make sure you stress the importance of this and the potential implications if rules aren’t followed to the letter.

If you’d like further help or advice relating to shredding and document disposal, get in touch with us today.

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