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Shredding Ipswich

Now that we’ve entered into the days of the GDPR, companies face big financial penalties if their practices and procedures result in a data breach where confidential information is concerned. As such, shredding for Ipswich businesses and others around the UK should be a top priority – and it’s vital that all members of staff know their responsibilities in this regard.

Training is key so have a look at your current methods to see if any improvements need to made in light of the new regulations that were introduced in May 2018. A lot of companies often fail to train their staff members on information security practices or, if they do, it’s done on a somewhat ad hoc basis… so it’s no surprise that employees don’t know what’s required of them.

In relation to media such as CDs and sensitive documents, destruction is the answer and the most secure way to get this job done is to use a shredding company such as Avena Confidential. It’s recommended that the following types of documents are shredded: payroll records, financial statements, sales reports and statistics, personnel information, marketing plans, invoices, tax records, any legal documents, purchase orders and so on.

If you’re not sure if something does need to be destroyed or not, it’s best to err on the side of caution and dispose of it in this manner just in case. You now face big financial penalties if you fail to comply with the new regulations and it could mean the kiss of death for your brand if you are hit because of a breach.

Regular training courses could be advisable so you know whether or not your staff members truly understand what they have to do. And, of course, it would make sense to ensure that all new employees coming to the company are trained in such matters from the outset so you know they’re doing everything they should be.

Cyber security is also a key issue so make sure all members of staff know that computer terminals should always be locked and passwords all entirely individual. When you need to upgrade your systems, always use a secure destruction method to ensure the hard drive cannot be used by someone for wayward purposes. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with us today.

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