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There are lots of reasons why you should be prioritising document destruction (which Herts shredding company Avena Confidential can certainly help you with) – but did you know that you could actually do an awful lot of good for the environment by making this a focus for the future?

Yes, you need to comply with GDPR regulations to help prevent data breaches and ensure you’re not hit with a big fine if sensitive information does fall into the wrong hands, but you can reduce your carbon footprint significantly at the same time by shredding all your confidential waste.

We here at Avena make sure that all paper documents disposed of are properly recycled, preventing this paper from ending up in landfill and instead being turned into something useful. Did you know that a piece of A4 paper is actually recycled lots of times over and over? It might seem easier for you to just dump your old documentation in the bin and forget about it, but then it’s far more likely to go to landfill… and you also leave yourself open to a potential data breach at the same time.

And don’t forget that recycling paper can help save lots of water because it’s more energy efficient to recycle this product than it is to create new stock, so you can be greener in this area as well.

Making paper from raw materials produces 70 per cent more greenhouse gases than if it was made out of recycled materials – and a forest as big as Wales is actually needed to supply the amount of water used here in the UK each and every year.

In 2008, 11 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions were avoided simply through the recycling of paper and cardboard – which is the same as taking 3.5 million cars of our roads.

Even if you try to go as paperless as possible, you’ll find that your business still creates a fair amount of paperwork and if it’s sensitive in nature, you will need to make sure you dispose of it properly – particularly now that GDPR has been implemented and you could be left seriously out of pocket or even have to shut your business down if you suffer a serious data breach.

If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with the Avena Confidential team today.

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