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Shredding Essex

An unfortunate part of running a business these days is having to do all you can to protect your enterprise from determined fraudsters, keen on making off with all sorts of sensitive information that they can then use to their own advantage.

But one of the best ways in which you can protect your company from this particular risk is to make use of specialised security shredding services, which will come and collect the material you’d like to be disposed of and destroy it completely on your behalf.

Now, you might well think that you can easily do this on site by yourself and technically speaking, yes, of course you can. But bear in mind that on-site document destruction is never as thorough as when it’s done by a team of professionals and determined criminals intent on making off with as much information as possible can piece shredded documents together if they need to.

And it’s unlikely that you’ll have the facilities in place on site to destroy hardware like CDs and hard drives, or even old uniforms with your company logo on them – and that’s where we here at Avena Confidential come in.

We specialise in protecting you, your business, your clients and your brand at a time when technology makes it far easier for fraudsters to carry out highly sophisticated data and security breaches and hacks.

If you’re interested in finding out more, get in touch with us and we’ll send out one of our friendly and experienced representatives to come to your premises and carry out an evaluation of your company’s requirements, as well as introducing you to our Securall system, which we use for confidential waste destruction.

Should you decide to go ahead, a Securall unit will be delivered and installed, and will be ready for use by your staff immediately. All documentation will then be collected by a security vetted service operative at an agreed date for transportation to a depot in order for the destruction process to take place.

Not only that but we provide you with a full audit trail and a certificate of destruction, which accurately records and details the process, in case you need to provide proof at any point in the future.

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