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Shredding Chelmsford

As much as you might like to go paperless in the office (and many businesses these days are making attempts to do just that in an effort to be greener about their operations), there will always be paperwork of some kind that you’ll have to deal with… and inevitably, these days, that means making use of a Chelmsford shredding company like Avena Confidential to help you dispose of sensitive information appropriately.

But what exactly happens to all this paper once it has been shredded? You might well have already guessed it, but all the paper that we shred here at Avena is actually recycled… so if you’re looking to boost the green credentials of your business, this is one of the best ways to go about it. This form of document destruction is the safest and most effective way of getting rid of all that waste material you have at work, while also helping the environment into the bargain. It’s a win-win!

The recycling process itself involves washing all the paper we collect to get rid of ink and dye, taking out the likes of staples and paper clips and so on, and then adding lots of water to create pulped paper. This in turn is then reused to create all sorts of different items, from masking tape and writing paper to coffee filters and even safety masks!

But being green is just one of the many reasons you’d be wise to make use of a confidential waste destruction service. It’s vital that businesses comply with data protection regulations, especially now that the GDPR has come in, as they could face severe financial penalties in the event of a breach.

But here at Avena, we provide a confidential information shredding and recycling service that can be tailored specifically to suit each of our customer’s individual needs. We install a Securall system for confidential waste destruction for your staff to use and then on an agreed date send a fully trained service operative to collect the documents from this sealed unit.

The material due to be destroyed is then taken back to our secure depot or destroyed on site if this is required by you for security reasons. We also provide a full audit trail that accurately records and details the destruction process, sending this back to the clients as soon as destruction has taken place.

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