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How To Stay Secure When Working Remotely

These days, it’s certainly not uncommon for members of staff to work flexibly, doing their jobs at home or elsewhere here and there as well as coming into the office. Because of this, it’s vital that you stress the importance of staying secure no matter what working environment your employees are in.

Now that the GDPR has been fully rolled out around the UK, a data breach could have a huge impact on a company – would your firm be able to withstand a huge fine if a breach did take place? And don’t forget about the damage to your reputation that could happen if the breach is big enough and widely publicised… without customer trust, you really don’t have anything.

Stress just how important it is for staff members to be responsible for their own security when working remotely, both on and offline. Offline risks include paperwork and you need to make sure that any paperwork that contains sensitive information is disposed of in the appropriate way, otherwise it’s possible that it could fall into the wrong hands.

A Cambridge document destruction service like Avena Confidential can really help you stay on the right side of the law where this is concerned. We can collect all necessary documentation and take them back to our depot in order for them to be destroyed. We’ll also provide you with a certificate of destruction so that if you need to prove that you are following the letter of the law, you can without any fuss or bother at all.

Staff members should be reminded that they should never throw anything work-related into the bin at home and having a shredder in their home office is probably wise.

Alternatively, they could bring the paperwork back to the office if needed so that we here at Avena can destroy it on their behalf. But it’s best to avoid taking paperwork outside the office in the first place as travelling with documentation can put it at serious risk of being lost or stolen.

Thankfully, these days, we have technology on our side and it can really help support best practice where confidential and sensitive information is concerned. Using cloud-based applications is wise when creating and sharing files, because the cloud is an incredibly safe environment these days and changes are always being made in order to improve this.

You can be specific about who can access and edit certain documents, while you’ll also find that cloud service providers are able to deal with any security issues that arise over time so you don’t have that to worry about either.

If you’d like to find out more about how we here at Avena could help you make your working environment, both in the office and remote, get in touch with the friendly and experienced team today. We have years of experience in our field and are perfectly placed to help you ensure compliance.

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