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GDPR: Changes to the data protection law

Earlier in this year the Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham explained how imminent changes to data protection law will require organisations to make the personal privacy rights of consumers a top priority. The changes will also be known as the GDPR or General Data Protection Regulations.


Because while the General Data Protection Regulation builds on the previous legislation, it provides more protections for consumers, and more privacy considerations for organisations. It brings a more 21st century approach to the processing of personal data.


The GDPR gives specific new obligations for organisations, for example around reporting data breaches and transferring data across borders.


But the real change for organisations is understanding the new rights for consumers.


Consumers and citizens will have stronger rights to be informed about how organisations use their personal data. They’ll have the right to request that personal data be deleted or removed if there’s no compelling reason for an organisation to carry on processing it, and new rights around data portability and how they give consent.


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