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Half Of All Companies Leave 1,000 Sensitive Files Exposed

Businesses know the importance of keeping their data safe, whether it is to comply with GDPR or to protect sensitive information about the company...

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Why Just Buying A Shredder Isn’t Enough For Security

Since the introduction of the GDPR legislation last year, sales of home and office shredders have soared. However, as a recent article for Professional...

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One-Third Of Businesses Improved Cyber Security Due To GDPR

It has been nearly a year since the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) were introduced, and since then it has had a big impact on improving...

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Marketers ‘Positive’ About GDPR Impact

Before the GDPR legislation was introduced in the EU, many marketers were worried about how it would affect their email marketing efforts, and...

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UK Businesses Lost £93m In Invoice Scams Last Year

British businesses have been reminded of the importance of keeping their financial information secure by using professional confidential waste...

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What Small Businesses Need To Know About GDPR

As a small business owner there can be a lot to keep on top of. One thing you can’t afford to overlook though is GDPR. This is the General...

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Corbyn Blocks Labour Database For Defecting Members

The Labour Party has been dealt a huge blow this week, after several MPs defected from the political party to join The Independent Group. This...

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How Will Data Protection Change After Brexit?

With GDPR coming in last year, businesses all over the UK had to carry out a review of the way in which personal data is collected and used by...

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Are You Observing Data Protection Day?

Today (January 29th) is Data Protection Day and while we hope that all businesses out there are fully compliant with data protection laws...

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Who Is Putting Data Security At Risk In Your Company?

Businesses are able to thrive when built on a system of trust and security, with insider information kept private, and client and customer details...

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