Brand Protection

Your brand is your most valuable asset, therefore it should be your highest priority to make sure you protect.


Without your brand, which may have been built over years of hard work, you do not have an organisation.  Brand protection is becoming an increasing concern in today's’ competitive marketplace.  What sets you apart from your competition is everything you build around this which in turn becomes that ‘value’ aspect of your brand.


Avena have set out to provide packages around the destruction of personal and sensitive company data, along with other items that could be of value to you and very harmful and damaging to the reputation and value of your brand if used wrongfully by individuals who do this for their own gain.


The protection of your brand rests with you, the owner. It is the measures that you take to reduce the risk of security breaches that will determine if you are successful in actually adding value through good systems and procedures which protect the brand.  Avena’s corporate values which are recognised by our clients have proven to be critical when working to protect the brands of our clients who trust us for our integrity.


“Avena will become a trusted partner for the protection of your brand, providing convenient, controlled and compliant systems that drive for environmental sustainability and security.”   - Our vision.