Avena Total Shred

The Avena Total-Shred policy ensures that all paperwork, whether it is considered to be confidential or not is dealt with in the correct and responsible manner.

The Security of This Approach

Avena strongly recommends a Total-Shred™ policy where organisations are dealing with sensitive data. There are numerous advantages of this type of approach to the on-going security of your firm and the protection of the corporate brand. Along with this, it offers protection for the individuals working within the organisation, with the knowledge that any sensitive or personal information will not be found on a landfill site or at a recycling centre by accident.


When And Why Should An Organisation Start?

Total-Shred™ is not a requirement by law but it is a protection policy like an action point on a risk-assessment, once risks have been identified. Why would you want to risk the chance of a piece of sensitive information being found by someone seeking to harm an individual or your company brand? The negative impact this could have on an organisation is extremely dangerous and very costly. Many problems have all started when an innocent member of staff accidentally puts that piece of ‘sensitive’ information in the recycling bin when it should have been dealt securely by a shred IT and documentation Milton Keynes specialist. With the Total-Shred™ approach this risk is completely eliminated so that there is no possibility of any sensitive data being found at a recycling centre prior to being securely destroyed.


The Value Proposition

Taking a view and asking the question ‘surely it will double my shredding costs?’ is something we are most familiar with. However the first question we would like to ask is ‘what could it potentially cost you in the event of a staff member accidentally putting sensitive data in the recycling bin?’. Simply, you cannot really put a value on this question. In the event of this happening with information which is deemed as sensitive under the Data Protection Act, this could cost an organisation anything up to £500,000 in a fine alone, as well the negative loss in terms of brand value. Aside from Data Protection, all organisations have their own ‘internally sensitive’ information, such information could be extremely detrimental if it got into the wrong hands.



“In short I would recommend the Avena systems for both confidential and non-confidential waste”

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