Vision and Values

Core values which build the mission and vision of Avena's future


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide systems to organisations who seek brand protection and environmental sustainability. Sharing knowledge and expertise, Avena aims to become the most progressive business within our market; continually driving for sustainability focusing on the Protection of you, your brand and your assets.


Our Values:

  • Trust – A team built on the speed of trust
  • Kaizen – It’s Continuous Improvement every day
  • Integrity – At the foundation of what we do
  • Honesty & Openness – the leading influence in any transaction
  • Forward Thinking – a culture of development and planning ahead


Vision Statement:

Avena will become a trusted partner for the protection of your brand, providing convenient, controlled and compliant systems that drive for security and environmental sustainability.


Key Vision Goals:

  • Personal Service
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Guaranteed Security for all our Clients