About Avena

Our foundation is built on trust, honesty and integrity.


The Avena Environmental ethos is all about our clients, our processes and our integrity. Our aim is to ensure that all of our clients receive an excellent service, driven through innovation and knowledge sharing for ideas around security and sustainability. Avena is a highly experienced confidential waste destruction and data shredding service based in London for high profile clients in various industry sectors. Our comprehensive abilities and understanding of complete security and integrity practice ensure the protection of your business and clients.


Our business is about protection.  Protecting you, your business, your brand, your assets and your clients.  The world today is driven by technology making it easier for fraudsters to undertake sophisticated data and security breaches. Ultimately, it comes down to the awareness and attitude towards the protection of the items that are of value to organisations and individuals.


Often it is the security and data breaches which become the most costly expense to the business and the individuals concerned