Avena specialises in creating tailored systems for the destruction of personal/sensitive data. The Securall System that we provide assists organisations with compliance towards the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the current Data Protection Act. We protect you from the potential fines and embarrassment of a Data Protection Breach.



The secure and responsible destruction of data is a legal requirement of the Data Protection Act 1998 and will also be upheld in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is coming into effect in May 2018.  Working in accordance with globally recognised security procedures, Avena specialise in systems to help organisations comply with this requirement.  Along with data destruction, specialist divisions ensure that brand value is upheld through asset and profit protection measures which include specialist destruction of other items of value to others such as clothing and brand associated goods. With a long established reputation of security, integrity and sustainability, organisations who choose to partner with Avena can be assured that these core values are upheld throughout any destruction process. Bringing new ideas and strategic innovation to the marketplace through clearer auditability and bespoke management techniques, Avena have secured partnerships with some of the largest and most recognised brands for their protection and sustainable destruction requirements.

Why Avena?
  • Trained staff who are CRB/security screened as standard
  • Fully compliant with BSEN:15713-2009 Code of Practice
  • Certified destruction with full audit trail
  • 24 hour site monitoring
  • Over 2000 satisfied customers
  • Guaranteed level of service
  • CCTV Site Coverage
  • Mobile vehicle tracking
  • Accurate certification
  • Paper Waste is environmentally 100% recycled within the UK